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January 14-18, 2000


(Asked of one-third respondents)
The first presidential primary will be held in New Hampshire February 1st. Do you happen to know roughly how many of the delegates to the national party conventions next summer are selected in the New Hampshire primary? Would you say it's about 25%, 10%, 5%, or 1%?

14%     25 percent
17      10 percent
13      5 percent
13      1 percent
43      Don't know

(Asked of one-third respondents)
Compared with the New Hampshire presidential primary, would you say that your state's primary or caucus this year is likely to have more influence on the selection of the presidential nominees, about the same amount of influence, or less influence?

19%     More influence
40      Same influence
26      Less influence
16      Don't know

(Asked of one-third respondents)
The New Hampshire primary on February 1st will be the first in the nation. Because of that, it may have a big impact on later primaries. Some people say that New Hampshire has too much influence because it is a small and unrepresentative state. Others say that New Hampshire is a good test of the candidates' ability to be president because they have to talk directly with voters. Which view is closer to your own that New Hampshire has too much influence or is a useful test of the candidates?

29%     New Hampshire has too much influence    
43      New Hampshire is useful test    
 1      Both too much influence and useful test
13      Neither 
14      Don't know

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