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The Shorenstein Center Poll is a national telephone survey of U.S. citizens age 18 or older. The field work is done by ICR/International Communications Research of Media, PA. Each survey contains a minimum of 1000 respondents and is conducted over a five day period that includes both weekdays and weekends.

Sampling Error

Some questions are asked of the entire sample of 1000 respondents while others are asked of one-half, one-third, and one-quarter of the sample. The survey results note whether the question was asked of the entire sample or a portion of the sample. The sampling errors for the different sample splits are listed in the table below.

Sample Size Margin of Error
Full Sample (n ~ 1000)
Half Sample (n ~ 500)
Third Sample (n ~ 333)
Quarter Sample (n ~ 250)
± 3.0%
± 4.3%
± 5.4%
± 6.2%

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